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A good photo will not only make your home look as amazing as it is, but carefully created pictures will also show your commitment and investment in home exchange.

But home swapping is such an exciting step to take that the temptation is often to grab your phone or camera, snap a few quick pictures, upload them and get messaging.

- The outside of your home - Any outside space you have - Your living room/ lounge - Your kitchen - At least one bathroom - At least one bedroom - Anything you make specific reference to in your bio, if possible (appliances, gadgets or amenities) - You on holiday that show your personality and interests - Any house pets you have (especially if you're hoping fellow swappers will care for them) - Any interesting views you have from your home - Pictures of the local area and places of interest Embrace your individuality.

People love interesting spaces, do your home justice by showcasing what sets it apart.

Swap is a swapping site where you can find swinging couples that are ready to engage in couples swapping.