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Being a mature establishment, it allows public yiffing on its premises.You can find NBL on the Sim named [1] Naughty Boys Lounge was first built by Dominik Zanzibar, a Human avatar, in 2009. It is one of the first and only clubs trying to bridge the gap between furry, human and neko avatars.NBL's current owners are Aedian Fall and warehousefifteendesigns resident (Aedian Nightstalker and Apple Nightstalker).

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The Naughty Otter is a BDSM club on Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK.

Around 1995, it was an unusual night when this wasn't the busiest place on the MUCK.

The club features a dance floor, pool, bar and lounge area, as well as four private rooms, which can be freely used by anyone who wants a little privacy.

Video Online Chat Room - This room is basically for webcam chatters who love to do online instant webcam chat with other chatters.

Pets would find Masters and there were clever leash programs and viewing rooms available to furs who liked to act out unusual relationships.