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It's always good to know you're not dating a married man.

And Gayle King, 62, learned that the hard way during a recent dating experience, explaining what happened on her Tuesday appearance on Harry Connick Jr.'s daytime talk show Harry. She later called out the women she caught her husband, former Connecticut Assistant Attorney General William Bumpus, in bed with in 1990.

She was a reporter and an anchor at the channel and her outstanding work gained her huge praises.

Gayle King is accused of trading face time with Oprah Winfrey ... Of course, that's according to a self-proclaimed record-setting matchmaker, so ...

I think the most troubling thing that bothers me about it is the fact that we would deny it, and we’ve both said this many times, implies that there’s something wrong with being gay. I think it’s unfair to me and I think it’s unfair to her.” Gayle is a divorced mother of two children who’s personal life is a mystery when it comes to her sexuality. Obviously, no one knows for sure but she denies it.