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Also included is a bonus patch for the GB game Battle of Kingdom. If you have played the regular Rampart for the NES and not this version, you definitely must check this out as it has more appeal and is a lot more fun than its counterpart that we were given on the US as there are different scenarios which a twist for each one.

There's Meine Liebe and Kiss x Kiss: Seirei Gakuen. The former is very popular and was into a drama CD, 2 PS2 games, and an anime with 2 seasons. It's cute and the design is nice but..way the heroine acts with the characters is..random. What's worse is you don't even know where to start looking for the events in Meine Liebe.

Free Download Dating Sim (u) Gba Games can be Played in Your Browser right here on I made a review for the updated version of this game in the past, but this version has no reviews yet and my review of the updated version wasn't so good.

: P Super Mario Rainbow Road is a Super Mario 64 hack by Skilllux (not Skelux, Skilllux.

In addition, as has been mentioned before, there are loads of guys to end up with in Kiss x Kiss.