German adult

Have you been looking at German Pinscher puppies for sale, checking out German Pinscher puppy breeders?

Oh, you have your heart set on a cute little German Pinscher puppy?

The most important thing to us is that our puppies end up in family type environments and become well socialized, polite members of society...

Obviously, there are a lot of our dogs in other show homes and breeding programs around the world, but this same criteria is used in those instances as well..

JAN 1, APR 14 17, MAY 1 25, JUN 5, OCT 3 31, DEC 25 26 (Courses continue between X´mas and New Years) Morning group lessons missed due to a public holiday will not be replaced, afternoon classes will be replaced and moved to other days.

On course days missed due to a public holiday we arrange an excursion (like these for example).

We breed German rottweilers for our own wants and needs and we have no monetary limitations to keep us from achieving the highest level of German rottweiler breeding that we are capable of conceiving in our minds.