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Rotating the end of the handle clamped the guard , the blade, and the cap together in a neat sandwich.

Indeed––working with Tinder, Gillette spoke to university-age girls about what they find physically attractive in men, and the majority were not drawn to facial hair.

To test this by a method of social science, the company gathered statistics about each swipe that the women would make, scouring the profiles of 100,000 random guys on Tinder.

The Tech taught me that if I hold my Hoffritz Slant (a pretty aggressive razor) at a too-shallow angle, it cuts, but not very close. At slightly too great an angle, it cuts close, and irritates the crap out of your neck. It forced me to learn that angle, and to hold that angle around all the curves on my face.

At way too big an angle, it doesn't cut, and irritates the crap out of your neck. Now the Tech; unless it's at a near angle, it does nothing at all. It taught me that without me having to single handedly support the alum trade.

Gillette dating research was conducted in order better market shaving products to the college crowd.