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Dr Julia Carter, senior lecturer in sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University – where she researches relationship trends – believes there’s definitely something of the porn fantasy about Uber sex.“Look at these stories online – from the (stereotypically pornographic) sharing of stories of sexual conquest to confessions of sexual submission, this ‘new’ phenomenon is remarkably similar to age-old tropes of male/female sexual fantasy.”But with one difference: women are now initiating encounters, too.

As one driver on Reddit asks, “What should you do if your passenger offers sex, or a blow-job? ”“Hooking up with Uber drivers sounds like sexual thrill-seeking and I’m not surprised there are women as well as men who do it,” confirms sociology professor Dr Lisa Wade, who researched student sex culture for her new book, American Hookup: The New Culture Of Sex On Campus.

Google ‘Uber hook-up’ and there’s forum after forum of drivers and riders wanting to navigate something more intimate than rush hour., the secret-sharing website and app, men confess: “Hoping that driving for Uber will get me laid,” and, “I drive for Uber to cheat on my wife with no questions asked about my whereabouts.” When a user on a Q&A site asks how to flirt with a passenger, the top-rated response is alarmingly detailed: “Compliment on looks and hair and clothes.

Perhaps a line like, ‘Wow, you look hot this evening. ’” While Porn Hub has over 700 erotic videos devoted to the scenario of sleeping with an Uber driver.(Move over, plumber and pizza boy.)From easy infidelity to low-rent chat-up lines, you’d be right to think this all sounds a bit seedy.

, Tom shut down a reported who took his line of questioning to Tom's ex, Taylor Swift.


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