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We were on tour, and we would take every little chunk of time when we weren't playing, we'd get into a studio. Then we rented a house in Bozeman, Mont., and recorded in this garage. We also cut at [producer] Matt Serletic's studio in Los Angeles, and it was mastered in New York.

So it was a nationwide record," he quips, "but I think it all fell in place." Gloriana 'Shake' It to Another Hit Mike Gossin said he feels that the music on the album is very reflective of where the band was at both a personal and professional level during the recording.

"It comes from a very true and honest place," she told Billboard. We were together for a couple of years, and he ended up being a dirty cheater and a liar.

I ended up finding out about his escapades from a tabloid, which was awesome.

Mike learned drums at age 8 and, like Tom, started playing guitar at 12.