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Miss Williams, 41, has become one of the BBC's best-known faces since replacing Miss Kaplinsky on the programme last November.

Her belated success follows years working behind the scenes at the BBC - first as a radio producer and later as an editor on News 24.

which means that by the time you get home from work it'll probably be a case of too much choice!

Another good reason to join up is for the sheer diversity of what's on offer.

Disney movie with Lindsay Lohan.6.00: BBC News6.30: Land Of Giants: A Walking With Dinosaurs Special7.30: East Enders8.00: Ground Force9.00: The Hound of the Baskervilles11.00: The National Lottery Jet Set11.15: BBC News12.55: FILM: To be announced BBC 26am: Breakfast, followed by Great Railway Journeys (9am), The World At War (9.50am)11.40: A Tale Of Two Cities2.00: FILM: Great Expectations.


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    Utilising Stratigraphic Driven Approaches and Simulations to Build Robust 3-D Geologic Models for Miocene Reservoirs, "Josh" Field, Niger Delta, Taiwo J. Evolution of E & P Risk Analysis (1960-2017), Peter R. Climate Risk and the Fossil Fuel Industry, Jim Krane, #80595 (2017). Resource-Development and Environmental Challenges for Life on the Space Frontier, William Ambrose and Bruce Cutright, #70222 (2016). Indian Plate Collision in Pakistan and Myanmar and its Impact on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity, Moin R. Late Dolomitization in Basin Limestones of the Southern Apennines Fold and Thrust Belt (Italy)ddexywwtvwaxbabzevwsuyssdxsstcxrse, Alessandro Iannace, Marta Gasparrini, Tatyana Gabellone, and Stefano Mazzoli, #50564 (2012). Using Cutting-Edge Surface Geochemical Techniques to Indicate Porosity, Pressure, and Hydrocarbon Phase in Shale Plays, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #70115 (2012). OGIP Evaluation of Shale Gas and CBM with Basin Modeling and Gas Isotopes Interpretation, Daniel Xia and Yongchun Tang, #40842 (2011). Sequestration – Examples from a High-Rank Coal (Pottsville Formation, Black Warrior Basin) and a Low-Rank Coal (Wilcox Group, Texas Gulf Coast Basin), Walter B. Primary Controls on Organic Carbon Content in UK Upper Mississippian Gas Shales, Sven F. A Worked Example from the Ordovician Beach Formation, Newfoundland, Canada, Dario Harazim, Duncan Mc Ilroy, Joe Macquaker, and Samuel J. Rethinking the Classic Oxbow Filling Model: Some Hope for Improved Reservoir Connectivity, John Holbrook and Neal Alexandrowicz, #50447 (2011). The Upper Ordovician Utica and Lorraine Shales in Southern Quebec: A Regional Overview, Denis Lavoie, #80165 (2011). Pore Types in the Barnett and Woodford Gas Shales: Contribution to Understanding Gas Storage and Migration Pathways in Fine-Grained Rocks, Roger M. The US Natural Gas Revolution: Technology Transforms A Market, Porter Bennett, #70101 (2011).

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