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Microsoft Windows 10 is great for education and seeing is believing.

Join Craig Ashley for a demo driven run-through of features and functionality great for both teachers and IT.

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If the software doesn’t appear, take a look at The Top 10 Ways to Troubleshoot Group Policy. If you deploy the software to the user side (assigned or published), the GPO must be linked to an OU containing users (or you have to enable loopback). Installation can only happen on a reboot or logon (and only if the GPO was downloaded beforehand).

In a default environment, it is easiest just to reboot twice. For an MSI to deploy through GPSI, it must be able to install silently. To test quietly, here is your syntax:and here is a practical example: After the installation progress bar has completed (and has terminated in the Task Manager), you should be able to launch your application through any created shortcuts.

Starting with improvements to Windows that make getting devices up and running easier and performing great in shared carts.

You'll see basics on making Windows just as great for 100 users as for 1 with simplified deployment approaches for cloud-first customers (Set up School PCs app, Intune for Education) and on-premise customers (Windows Configuration Designer).

My recommendation here is Bus Blaster v3 or v4 from Dangerous Prototypes, because it's a good semi-universal JTAG debugger too, but you can buy this cheap board, if $40 is too much for [email protected] all: I'm waiting for your reports, meanings and suggestions. I can add some info about modern Asrock boards too.


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