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The first type of relationship is any that Niko has with various females he encounters.

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Carmen usually refers to herself in third person, e.g. She also considers herself very attractive, and upon entering strip clubs will say, "My tit job is so much better than the ones these girls have got." She also sometimes has her nails and hair done.

Her sexuality on Lovemeet is put as "free spirit", and she can be seen suggestively dancing with Elizabeta Torres at a party during the Blow Your Cover mission.

Unlike the male friends, however, dating is more than just worrying about the venue.


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    But he and his wife are not the only invited passengers, and instead of a few relaxing days at sea Bill experiences something that shakes his whole existence.

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    That photo where your skin looks all glowy and you can’t see your cankles? But the photo from 6 years, 25 pounds and two high-stress jobs ago?

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    The Czech Republic is member of the NATO and the European Union.

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