Guys recorded webcam chat

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While 99% of videos I’ve shot have been in natural settings (offices, living room, outside, on location), there are some major perks of having an artificial set-up like a studio. When setting up a studio or shooting in your home or office, one thing you should always consider is: what to put behind the subject in the video.

If I just started shooting videos in my studio/garage right now, the plain white walls wouldn’t be very interesting to look at.

The best way to showcase what I mean is just by showing a few examples.

For Fizzle we've usually shot our courses in our offices, sometimes where you can see our computer, and often in front of bookshelves. When I shoot videos for Pat Flynn, we often use his office as a background because he does a good job displaying parts of his brand and personality throughout it (his book Let Go, his favorite movie Back to the Future, that he went to Cal).

But I don’t think there’s going to be a problem here. If your machines are clear of malware, there’s probably nothing in-between that’s monitoring what you do.