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Christ-Krishna Connection Similarities in the names, lives and teachings of the greatest figures of the world's greatest religions have enough fuel for the curious. If you could help me find the answers, I will be grateful. Dating Rules From My Future Self Running Time here. Bhaktipada had been hospitalised in July in Thane, India, with a collapsed lung and a bleeding brain, said spokesman, former disciple and biographer Henry Doktorski.

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Under Bhaktipada's leadership, New Vrindaban grew into what at one time was America's largest Hare Krishna community.

But the community's membership waned after the swami was convicted of racketeering and sentenced to prison time in the 1990s."Although he played a positive role in the Krishna movement's earliest years, he later severely violated the strict standards expected of a Krishna devotee, especially a leader," said community spokesman Anuttama Dasa.

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