Harniy wife chaiting

One day I was driving along in my car after work, and on the local Christian radio station I heard an ad for some type of anger management classes that were biblically based, and something the announcer said caught my attention; he said, Do you have feelings of angry silence?

Id never heard any preacher or pastor teach men, especially husbands, how to identify their own feelings, acknowledge problems with anger, and learn how to use this awareness in marital communication.

Lives may be ruined and reputations can be mud, all in a matter of seconds.

It is another matter that on 23 July 2014, the Israeli Military Police arrested three soldiers and a civilian on suspicion of spreading military information and false information using Whats App.

Such misunderstandings due to messages or rumours spreads either unwittingly, or very well as part of a mischief will lead to loss of faith and trust within the organisation, with those at stake not being given a chance to defend themselves.