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The HTC 7 Pro (also known as the HTC Arrive) is a business class smartphone, part of the HTC 7 series of Internet-enabled, Windows Phone smartphones designed and marketed by HTC Corporation.

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For those of you who don’t know, the HTC HD2 is something of a superphone.

While strictly “last gen” in terms of hardware (single core, albeit 1 GHz) the device is capable of running a bafflingly large array of operating systems from its native Windows Mobile 6.5 to Android, taking in Windows Phone 7, Ubuntu and Mee Go along the way (as well as a few older versions of Windows…).

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Last week I was challenged to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC HD2 in as little time as possible. It was my client’s lunch hour; she was sick of Windows Mobile and she wanted to play Angry Birds.