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The team played its home games at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Arena in downtown Birmingham.

The arena was the site of the very first af2 game in 2000, between the Steeldogs and the Tennessee Valley Vipers, based in Huntsville, Alabama. The team's name — unique in all of sports — paid tribute to Birmingham's steel industry.

The team's logo, depicting a dog with a spiked collar and metal lower jaw, represents "Rusty", the team's mascot.

The team's cheerleaders were known as the "Showsteelers." On April 20, 1999, Birmingham’s franchise was one of the charter teams in the Xtreme Football League, which soon brokered a deal with the more-established Arena Football League to form the latter’s second tier.

Colin Cowherd theorizes that we make 5-8 decisions of moderate to crucial importance a day, and our choices in these individual decisions combine to either improve or impair our lives and our future happiness. What the hell are we talking about today and how does it tie into something to do in Huntsville? You better come up with a plan to back up that smooth, cool image you sold, or you will find yourself on the short end of that 1 to 15 hour range. I’m not saying I’m the best date in the world…I mean, some people may choose of their own free will to say that (I cannot name them), but I’m not saying it. Pay attention to the cues, but also assume it is going to go, as they say in the “to the mattresses.” Hey hey, who’s up for a run-on sentence?