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South Stream, a planned pipeline carrying Russian gas to Europe, has a bigger capacity than Nabucco, similar target dates for completion and would largely reach the same Central European clients (see details in ' Issues').

In theory, South Stream could also carry gas from the Caucasus, as Russia's energy state monopoly Gazprom offers competitive prices to gas-producing countries such as Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan.

After 20 years in Venture Capital managing 12 different funds across Europe and Asia, his experience now encompasses business creation, corporate finance, capital markets as well as operational experience in innovative, high growth sectors.

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Several pipeline projects are competing with one another to bring to life the southern gas corridor – a vague blueprint to supply Europe with gas from the Caspian and the Middle East.

And Novastar can fuel the rapid growth stage of the business through multiple capital rounds with up to $6 million.

Steve’s professional career combines 18 years’ strategy consulting and business leadership experience with six years of professional grant-making in frontier markets and seven years of investing in early stage businesses serving the mass, low-income markets in East Africa.

Novastar is a multi-round investor with flexibility and firepower.