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Thanks to global online dating, you can put yourself in the position where you already know someone in that new country, which can be incredibly helpful if you don’t speak the language fluently or are unaware of certain customs that could easily offend a local.Plus when you join a free dating service, you don’t really have to worry about wasting money on the rare occasion that you are unable to meet someone interesting.It highlights and supports international, intercultural and interracial relationships.

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e Harmony is experiencing significant growth in Australia, as single Aussies are more and more likely to look online to find that special someone.

So give it a go - register online today and review your Aussie matches for FREE.

In a society which still barely highlights international, intercultural and interracial couples, we decided to build a platform to foster growth within this community.

Find more information about LCB here and on our Facebook page.

You believe in love and romance, but you haven’t met the man of your dream yet ...


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    Don’t get sucked into browsing profiles on other sites for “free” and then paying a monthly fee.

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    One of the main tasks of all these tasks is to bring people together and learn them how to communicate with ease.

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