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Something akin to the movie , starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman in which Boyer’s character tries to drive “insane” his wife played by Bergman.

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My intention was to post a piece regarding Borderline Personality Disorder by week’s end.

Unfortunately, that post must wait until Monday for completion. it’s complicated.) However, as a precursor to my up-coming post on BDP, I have decided to re-post a short and to-the-point piece that I wrote over a year ago regarding a manipulative tactic used by emotional abusers referred to as “The Gaslight Effect.” My hope is that the reader will gain not only knowledge of this diabolical technique but also gain effective tools of response to combat pervasive psychological warfare perpetrated by those who wish to control them and do them significant harm.

Intimidation occurs when people are insecure or too much in awe of their position.

Some of the most fascinating people I have met share a common characteristic: they are extremely humble and easy to talk to. If you need to interact with such people, then set the record straight from the start and don’t allow such behavior to continue. Generally, if you are equally forceful, these folks back off and become nice.

Taking small steps can break the patterns of feeling intimidated for good.


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