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Most of them were in Main Street and Bank Street, but there were others in what could be considered side streets and one or two of them had a Vale-wide following.


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    I have never had the pleasure of participating in the vast and wonderful world of online dating, but truth be told, something about it interests me.

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    It’s no secret that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne’s relationship has been off more than it’s been on. “I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love him.” “I’ve never had anyone understand me the way that he has,” she added through her tears. The 34-year-old, who was once married and divorced hitmaker The-Dream, is still optimistic on finding true love again.

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    I have been there, and it is no easy task to find the right mate, being a furry.

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    Instead, he blamed the loss on—get this—his inability to stop having sex with hotel maids in the days leading up to the fight. " Or better yet, "Why does Iron Mike seem to enjoy sharing so many details about his sex life?