andy and louise dating - Jewish girl dating italian guy

It was the day I’d long hoped for, marrying a nice Jewish girl. In fact, by the time we’d started dating, I’d given up on Jewish women, and my dream of a perfect Jewish wedding, altogether. The intense pressure I felt to date and marry within the tribe damaged my perception of Jewish women and my ability to be myself around them.

This information was pounded in from all directions, from rabbis, from my parents, my grandparents, Hebrew High School, Camp Ramah.

Italianmen (especially as depicted in mafia movies), run the show, are very masculineand usually have somewhat of a dangerous feeling about them. To summarize: Jewish women love Italian men because they look like Jews, but are stronger personalities than our usual choices, are ridiculously romantic, AND we get to indulge in the taboo of dating a non-Jew (I assume we’re talking about non-Jewish Italians). I’m just not convinced that Jews love Italians more than they love, say, Russians or Australians. I think perhaps Not Chosen is biased because he has had such unhindered success with the ladies, maybe particularly with the Jewish ladies. On the other hand, Pretty Boy is also quite the ladies man, which may be because, as his pseudonym implies, he is ridiculously attractive.

Essentially, maybe Jewish women feel like they've met their match dating an Italian guy. This leads me into my earlier argumentthat the "taboo" factor plays a huge part. Idon't know how Jewish guys are but try going to Italy as an American woman. So now we’re no farther than we were four paragraphs ago. Beyond stereotypes about Italians and Jews, can I offer any insight into this emphatic assertion?

Maybe, subconsciously, that is part of the attraction.

However, we know that Jewish women are usually more strong-willed than their male counterparts, whileit is, traditionally, very much the opposite for Italian men and women.

Our names are David and Nadia and we would like to share our interfaith personal experiences with you.