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Virgo serena" is a motet composed by Josquin des Prez.

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All that is known about the composer's early training is a remark by Claude Hémeré, writing over 100 years after Josquin's death, that he studied music at the collegiate church of St-Quentin.

Despite the epitaph for the composer Johannes Ockeghem, in which Josquin (among others) is asked to lament his "good father" ("perdu avez vostre bon père"), the assumption of a teacher-student relationship between the two is not warranted.

None of these selections is unfamiliar to listeners who cherish this repertory, but even ears accustomed to performances of this music are unlikely to be prepared for the exalted, uplifting sounds heard on this disc.

Founded in 2002 by conductor and Artistic Director Patrick Dupré Quigley, Seraphic Fire has emerged as one of America’s most innovative, artistically versatile choral ensembles.

Both remarks indicate that he was born on Burgundian territory, then ruled by Philip the Good.