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Was I finally going to find out what it is that I do or say that always seems to kill potential relationships dead? Don’t get me wrong, I did speak to lots of men but only after someone else (a trainer, one of the other ladies) broke the ice first.

One of the most common romantic fantasies that men and women in this country tend to have is to date an actor.

In other words, the former Doctor Who star, once such a fixture on telly, will soon be one again – but this time, in America. We’re in a suite in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, where Gillan’s doing press for Oculus.

I’d completely forgotten that I was going to write about it (thanks Wendi! This was the part of the workshop that spoke to me the most, because this is the part I always fall down on.

You may not see it from reading this blog, but I can actually attract the guys.

For instance, there was the guy who lied about who he was and then my whirlwind three month romance that included two international trips, lots of sex and all kinds of promising potential… Obviously I can’t help but wonder if its down to me falling for the wrong type of guy or if its down to something I do or say.

For it to happen once or twice is understandable, but for it to happen over and over again, to the point of me being 34 and never having had a long term relationship tells me it could be me.

” A second man in a black coat tries to interfere and the surgeon, who Russian media have dubbed “the boxer doctor,” hauls off and beats him in a corner.