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Just listen to the recordings of SHREK or DROWSY CHAPERONE and the star quality comes through. However, Sutton has become a bit too strident in her ACTING. Sadly the show and 'plot' is all over the fucking place. Bunheads is a truly terrible title.[quote]She was delightful on the TV series "Flight of the Conchords" as Jemaines girlfriend Coco, who Brett kept caling "Yoko" because he thought she was bereaking up the band.

While the TV camera certainly doesn't love her almost boyish face, there are better ways of filming her and styling her than they are doing on BUNS. The mother is played by Kelly Bishop, who also played the (grand)mother on Gilmore Girls. It was a very under appreciated show during its run. It was tonally consistent, had great characters, and didn't really on "twists" or "superpowers" or elements that were too insanely soapy to remain engaging.

I have to say Laura Michelle Kelly was pretty brilliant as Mary Poppins.

I didn't see her in London so can't really compare, but what I saw tonight was a fantastic star turn.

I very reluctantly went tonight since it was the only Broadway musical playing tonight (I believe) and I was intrigued to see Laura Michelle Kelly.