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An amateur video showing a suicidal Ethiopian maid jumping from the fourth-floor balcony of her employer’s apartment last November highlighted the level of desperation of some domestic workers in Lebanon.“They are trapped by the ‘kafala’ system,” said Nadim Houry of Human Rights Watch.

Those systems hold the employer legally responsible for their migrant employee.

Under this arrangement, domestic workers must rely on employers for their right to live and work in the country.“We are trying to change the ‘kafala’ system so we can have steady salaries and fixed work hours,” said Sujana Rana, a 36-year-old domestic worker from Nepal.

BEIRUT — Migrant domestic workers in Lebanon are set to protect their rights under a trade union, the first such syndicate in the Arab world where more than 2.4 million foreign domestic workers labour under often harsh conditions.

The Labour Ministry said Monday they received a proposal from the National Federation of Labour Unions to form the syndicate in Lebanon.

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