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I want to know - can a relationship with a straight girl really work out?I joke around saying she has the best of both worlds as I am a 'masculine' lesbian and I am also sensitive, romantic, emotional, etc.The confusing part is that those deeper feelings come and go and are super fleeting.

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Lesbian sex research tells us woman-on-woman sex means more orgasms, longer sex sessions and greater satisfaction. ) Do you hate penetration and she loves it and wants it? If she’s been married, she’s going to come into dating women with only a heterosexual version of life and relationship.

As her first woman-on-woman sexual experience, she could become very attached right away (the lesbian U-haul legend exists for some real reasons! You’ll also have to be her teacher about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to women. Will she be able to step up to give you the kind of sexual encounter you want? She’s going to expect a lot of taking care of in the male/female version of relationship.

so I say she gets the protection and toughness of a man and the passion and sensitivity of a woman.

I repeat - thing's are great both in and out of the bedroom!

And while the women shared a variety of answers explaining the appeal of sleeping with women when they only envision themselves in relationships with men - they all agreed that they had no interest in pursuing a relationship with any of their female partners.