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Guaranteed to meet at least 10 persons of the opposite gender, or 9 of the same!

(20 people per evening) KEO offers you a complimentary glass of your favourite Cypriot wines Othello Red, Aphrodite White included in the registration fee.

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London Greek Dating Service brings you Speed Dating for all ages and all persons, whether of Greek/Cypriot descent or with a keen interest in these beautiful Mediterranean countries and cultures.

Come along for a fun filled escape from the London winter for a few hours; great music, a glass of wine or winter spirits or a frappe in remembrance of summer, all whilst meeting some fantastic new friends, and maybe even the love of your life!

En effet, beaucoup de personnes nous contactent pour résoudre des erreurs de site internet laissées par des développeurs peu scrupuleux.

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DORSET residents could end up paying £800,000 for two elections within two years.