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A major difference between partnerships and S corpo­rations involves the treatment of distributions of ap­preciated property.

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Stocks are driven by the "buy low, sell high" rationale, which explains why, in a falling stock market, many investors panic and quickly dump all of their stock-oriented assets.

Mutual funds are not singular entities; they are portfolios of financial instruments, such as stocks and bonds, chosen by a portfolio or fund manager in accordance with the fund's strategy.

If you’re like me, it means you spend a little more quality time with tax software each year. But do you really understand what is reported in each box of a 1099-DIV?

Do you know how it affects your taxes or your investments? Regardless, you should still understand what is reported on the 1099-DIV, the tax consequences of each box, and how it might affect your investments.

You could also get one if you had federal or foreign taxes withheld. There’s a chance you could get a consolidated 1099.


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