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'This is the living room,' says Luann, who the adds that this is where she and Tom spend a lot of their time.'It a great room.

A lot of mid-century furniture, explains Luann, who then points to the gas fireplace that she says is her 'favorite thing' in the room.'Isn't it gorgeous? She then shows off her children's art, which she has surrounding the fireplace.

Luann's new groom shelled out $1.5million in 2011 for the postwar pied-a-terre, located on the 20th floor of the building.

The reality star then moved into her beau's bachelor pad on Third Avenue last year, a few months before their wedding.

New digs: Luann D'Agastino opened the doors to her $1.5million apartment in New York City's Upper East Side where she lives with her new husband Tom (Luann and Tom on the terrace of their apartment earlier last week)'Hey guys, welcome to Penthouse D'Agostino,' announces the former Countess at the start of her video tour.'This is where I live now and I'm going to take you guys on a tour now.'She starts off with the entrance, which is the first area of the apartment guests see after exiting the elevator, which drops them off inside the apartment.