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Jack and Sally winced and didn't have to turn around to see the heads of passing monsters turn towards them and stare really hard into their backs. Get some poor bugger out of one of those holes and bring 'em here. ) who said 'dahling.' (Mostly because with 'dahlings' came cigarettes and smoke and usually a night in her (his) bed. ""Just five, please, father…""Actually, I don't even think we can handle fi-" Jack started, but was nudged by Sally. The three trick-or-treaters ran up to the wheelchair, looking miffed now. Female-stein didn't join in that time, but instead spoke to Jack and Sally. Lock, Shock, and Barrel forgot their quick promise to Jack about keeping quiet and giggled as they covered their eyes from the flash.Then it was over, and Dr.Those passerby continued on their way and tried hard to whisper quietly, but it was hard to when everybody is whispering all at once. In my days of youth, oh ho ho, good times…but it's such a shame that you two don't even have those organs to experience the joy of it! Well, we don't want to do the…the…well…the activity things…for pleasure, you see…we were kinda hoping for…""You mean the thing that pops out when you're not too careful?! Then you wake up with a hangover and wonder who the ugly broad beside you was.)"I need your help for something, dearest." Dr. His tone sounded…Jack couldn't put a bony finger on it, but…loving? " The bones had been transported via the walking bathtub. She hissed, "He'll complain about having to leave skeletons around his place. You did a good job." Finkelstein took out a box out of nowhere that bore an icon that looked like a dog (or a werewolf? He took out three and threw them one by one into Igor's mouth. "This one is five, this one is seven, this one is also five, this one is six, this one is ten…"And then Finkelstein added hair. Finkelstein cut off the tape just in the middle of a fairly loud thunder part.While walking through the holiday woods with Sally she saw something that caught her attention. She answered, "Look at this tree with the red heart shaped heart.

Lots of sex in this one - they have a lot of catching up to do.

;) Set in the future when Lock & Shock are in their early 20's.

When she finds out about it, she finds a punishment that fits his crime. His dad started to hit him when he was a baby, but this is different. He only stays because his father says that he loves him, is it true? Every Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) he is forced to stay on the moon and away from the action, for the townspeople fear that, if allowed to roam freely, he would cause a catastrophe.

Smut-tastic story set in the future when they are above the age of consent. Due to his appearance not being as intimidating as others, he must rely on his brains and inventions (Which he is quite good at making due to the fact that he makes his own gambling equipment to feed his “obsession”).

Shock is having period cramps and Lock thinks he knows a way to help her feel better - he read about it somewhere, and a little blood never bothered him anyway so why not try it?


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