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It is uncut -- or at least it was on my LP version, where Act 3 times out about 3 minutes longer than here, while the times for the other acts match precisely.

However I could not detect any omission in an A-B comparative listening of this two-CD set, with both CDs filled to the 80-minute brim, against my LP set.

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Matorin (1898 – 1936) was a Russian ethnographer and folklorist.

He lectured at the Geographic Institute in Leningrad from 1924, becoming an Associate Professor in the Ethnographic Department there in 1928 and professor in 1930.

His marriage proposal came last May 12 on a trip to Key West, Florida, for which Matorin had carefully prepared, only to see the moment he had planned to pop the question disappear in the sunset, forcing him to improvise..