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For those leagues that have satisfied this regulation in past seasons by utilizing First Advantage, there are not additional expectations, since the First Advantage background check currently meets that standard.

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Although ECOA and Regulation B apply to both consumer and business credit applicants, the notice requirements vary when credit is extended to a business.

For business credit applicants who had $1 million or less in gross revenues during the prior fiscal year, the timing requirements and the contents of the notices are the same as for consumer applicants although financial institutions may notify the applicants of the adverse action either orally or in writing.

NOTE: The First Advantage National Criminal File database contains more than 281 million records which include criminal records and sex offender registry records across 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Before beginning the background process, which must be completed annually on all new and returning individuals prior to the individual assuming his/her duties for the current season you need to understand who needs to be checked and how the background check should be completed.

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