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The firm is staffed by people that really understand investment banking and who have great contacts in the market.” “I called to enquire about a job before sending in my resume since it is stated in their ad that applicants can call for a confidential chat.

Twice, I was rebuffed by an impatient lady who keep saying to send in my resume so that they can KIV my profile if there are no suitable openings. Peoplesearch is a sister company of a search firm called HR Net One.

Unlike other instant messaging software or web applications, on ICQ the only permanent user info is the UIN, although it is possible to search for other users using their associated e-mail address or any other detail they have made public by updating it in their account's public profile.

In addition the user can change all of his or her personal information, including screen name and e-mail address, without having to re-register.

Also, users can choose and select their own avatars for their profile pages. ICQ users are identified and distinguished from one another by UIN, or User Identification Numbers, distributed in sequential order.