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Chances are that you, reader, might be traveling to Hawaii for a vacation or honeymoon in the near future ), and it’s important for us to recognize the harmful stereotypes we often perpetuate when we talk about Hawaii. See, there is an actual difference between being a resident of Hawaii and being a Native Hawaiian.

So let me tell you a little about Hawaii and Native Hawaiians to prepare you for your journey. A resident of Hawaii is someone (of any background) who just, you know, lives in Hawaii.

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Global mantle flow models predict a southward motion of the Hawaiian hotspot.

This, in combination with a plate motion reconstruction connecting Pacific and African plates through Antarctica, predicts the Hawaiian track correctly since the date of the bend, but predicts the chain to be too far west before it.

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In 2003, fresh investigations of this irregularity led to the proposal of a mobile hotspot theory, suggesting that hotspots are mobile, not fixed, and that the 47-million-year-old bend was caused by a shift in the hotspot's motion rather than the plate's.