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Recently, Angelababy made her first public appearance after giving birth.Still looking as slim as before her pregnancy, Angelababy does not look like she has just given birth.

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Her on-screen partnership with Kevin Cheng was well received by the audience in the years 2004-2008, along with rumours of the two dating in real life (until 2008).

Niki's most recent series The King of Snooker (桌球天王) of 2009, with Adam Cheng and Patrick Tang, did not do well, resulting in low ratings and negative reviews.

By summer of 2015, Myolie left TVB to explore new avenues.

In her schooling days, Myolie received high school education in Boarding School at Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Shortly afterward, she signed on to TVB as a full-time contracted artiste and withdrew from school.