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Also detained were nine representatives, including two women facilitators, from the company.

Superintendent Mansor said the men were taking part in a game called “All Out”, in which they were divided into groups and were asked to form a line using an object that was pasted on their bodies.

There are no nightclubs (the generators and the lights go off at 10pm), no shops and nothing at all to do but surf your brains out, have a few beers in the evening and press repeat for two weeks. Namotu is a wave rich Fijian surf camp that was one of my favourite destinations on earth – and that was before 2009, when due to ownership restrictions you were unable to surf the neighbouring wave of Cloudbreak off Tavarua.

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As Mark Foo once quoted, “it’s not tragic to die doing something you love”.

Here are nine of the best camps that can give you a surf trip of a lifetime*….

Some surf camps are great, some good, others are just plain grotty.

Despite the hazards of the less-than-decent ones, its the passion that keep you going.

*Waves permitting Established in 1975, Bobby’s is the world’s first surf camp and in my humble opinion, still the best.