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This isn't any different from so many other gender-specific expectations and assumptions that are made around dating and romance: guy likes her, guy asks girl to prom, guy and girl go to prom. Not only are there are plenty of same-sex couples who attend these dances together, but there are also opposite-sex couples who end up at the prom together because girls are the ones who ask their dates.

Every year on the internet we see a plethora of viral "promposals" acted out by teenage boys — the "guy asking a girl" narrative is mostly what we see played out publicly — but this year especially, teenage girls are taking matters into their own hands by flipping tradition on its head and asking their dates.

You waved away his worry with a hand, while you stood up.

The training was more than I realized it all." He groused at you, and preened.

"So I decided to ask him."The high schooler and her boyfriend love eating Chinese food together, so she saved an old fortune cookie, used tweezers to remove the original fortune, and then replaced it with a fortune she typed up and printed out on her computer asking him to the prom.

She also opted not to film it because she "knew that would make it obvious" and because it "adds pressure to the person being asked."When it came to other people's reactions, Garza says she was given an attitude by many people and was told that guys are the ones who are supposed to ask girls.

I took a lot of quizzes like this,so I decided to make one.