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"Damn fur ball was telling the truth." She said standing up and dropping her blanket back on her bed. She looked around trying to figure out when she was, when there was a knock on the door."Ino dear, are you alright?

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Should he waste chakra for a single Hiraishin no jutsu? What he forgot was that, the enemies' power is way beyond imagination."THERE HE IS! Hell, some anbu woman even tried to cut off his arm as a souvenir……Naruto shuddered at that. He really regretted the decision of placing her in Anbu. One would never believe that you have to use superior tactics to escape from fangirls.

" And in the end, he was forced to activate his famous Hiraishin no jutsu, invented by his father, Yondaime Hokage.

"Let's throw in Tenten's team as well.""Yeah, let's—" Tenten stopped midsentence. ""You heard me," Sakura said."On second thought maybe we shouldn't... ""Well, since he seems to be the 'prize' here, you have to date him last," Tenten suggested."Suits me," Ino cried in happiness. ""Aw, man," Tenten and Sakura groaned in unison."At least she'll have to date Naruto, right?

This should be a breeze," Sakura teased."Well, I, uh... Yeah it would be...""Well, in that case, let's make it extra challenging," the pink-haired girl smiled dangerously. "Unless, of course, you're not woman enough to do it.""Woman enough? " Ino cheered, while at the same time Sakura wailed, "I forgot that!

Of course, the rest of the day Ino was nothing but sunshine in the wake of her newfound and promising date.