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And it’s just as well, since Kylie Jenner and her new boyfriend, Travis Scott, have been seeing each other more frequently than usual.

They were previously spotted indulging in some PDA at Coachella.

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Were we to imagine a Black Mirror episode about dating, this would be it.

Even that show Naked Attraction wasn’t this horrifying, though we’re sure there’s a case for both.

The original contestant who dreamed up this perfect-looking partner then gets plonked into a nice modern house with these eight ‘clones’.

The singleton who’s playing God eventually gets to pick which one of the lookalikes has a bearable enough personality to deal with, because they’ll be continuing their lives with them (we must assume these clones also find the contestant in question ultra-desirable).

Tyga is reportedly feeling worried that he might lose Kylie Jenner for good now that her romance with Travis Scott is getting into more serious territory.