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All comments must adhere to our commenting rules and are subject to moderation. We just found out from her best friend who let my sister know of it. She gave birth to the baby and it was immediately given up for adoption, probably in Florida. I have not contacted Nancy Allen, as she married and I do not know her married name. In October 1969 we were taken to Thomasville, GA to meet with a family and placed in there home. On December 3, 1970 my brother and I were adopted by William Alsa and Gayle Cooley Shackelford.

I am the daughter of an adoptee, one of her five children. She went to Florida in 1966 or 1967 to have the baby. My X-husband said if she was pregnant then, it was his child. I was told by my adopted mother that my last name is Mount.

I had been looking for a Matchmaker to work with for sometime, but did not feel comfortable with the “slick style” of the many I contacted.

When I met Julianne I was immediately impressed by her kindness and sincerity.

I could tell she was a true professional who had a keen understanding of who I was and who I wanted to meet.