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The way to raise these 58 questions in conversations with Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarusian women you are dating is when you have direct communication and are not paying-per-letter.

If you are using PPL (pay-per-letter) dating model, there is no point in asking these questions, as you won’t know who is answering them — the girl in the photos or the translator of the agency.

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I can't find their profiles and not one replied to my message after they sent me one first. If you reach out to someone you think they would be interested enough to reply back. I plan on spending some time on the site tonight to see if I can find any more women I can contact. You got your scammers and you got some real chicks on the site.

John from the USA I never had any luck on flirt, fling or any of the other so called adult dating sites. As with all dating sites, even Facebook now days, if you are looking for a relationship you need to be able to spot the fakes.

Years went by, I quit playing the video game too, we might exchange a few FB messages but nothing special.

Back when i first met her I wasnt quite as good with girls as I am now.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. We got along very well in-game and we would flirt and stuff just through in-game text. She would tell me of all these things we could do together Eventually though, I called her on the phone and we talked a few times, and eventually she quit playing the video game.