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The Pickup artists I'm writing about here are not those engaged in normal interaction between men and women based on the Universal principals of respect and caring for others.No, this latest Pickup Artist development is an ugly, abhorrent and sometimes criminally reprehensible cult-like phenomenon, based on selfishness and the fear of lack, and brought about through the denial of Oneness.

A life force or universal force flows through everything. Are you ready to really start living the life that you deserve ?

” This is the nearly universal consensus of those who have not discovered how long-term romance really works.

This method is the most powerful way to make changes in any area of one's life, career, business, relationship, health for example. What emerged is the discovery into our deepest nature.

It is the understanding of how the unconscious mind can heal and transform our lives if we are ready to make this journey.

I’ve known my friend and colleague, Jake Eagle, since 1994.