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Despite his rhetorical attacks on Wall Street, a study by the Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Project shows that President Barack Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any other politician over the past 20 years, including former President George W. Reuters." data-reactid="12"In 2008, Wall Street’s largesse accounted for 20 percent of Obama’s total take, according to Reuters.

Necessary or not, the bailouts were an affront to the people whose livelihoods were plundered by the banks. Initially a small protest in Zuccotti Park, just outside the Financial District in Manhattan, Occupy became a rallying point of sorts.

It changed the conversation, gave us the language of the 1 percent and the 99 percent.

After the protest was disbanded and the media moved on, the energy unleashed by Occupy was applied to other grassroots movements.


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