Offline address book not updating automatically

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They ask if you want to verify the changes by phone or snail mail, or, in Bing’s language, “Fastest way” and “Other way.” I’m as impatient as the next guy, so I chose “Fastest way.” I figured a phone call would be best, even though Cari was on her way out of town as I was doing this and may not answer her phone anytime in the following week. I told her the Bing call would come in right after we hung up the phone, then hit “Call Now” and crossed my fingers. The updates weren’t showing, even though we just verified everything.

We had an issue with some mail boxes and I have had to recreate some user mail boxes (not a Move Request).

After going through the process — which was a complete joy and very impressive in every way — I thought her listing would be updated right away. As it turns out, the listing was updated after almost a week; not bad at all, but there was nothing telling me it would take that long.

Really, this is easy and almost fun — a far cry from the rigamarole Google Maps makes you go through just for minor changes.

Step One: Update and Review Your Listing When you login to the Bing Local Listing Center, all the normal options appear: Add a new listing, edit your current listing, etc.