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In fact, it brings in more money than professional basketball, baseball and football combined, not to mention that it has a higher revenue than CBS, NBC and ABC combined as well. Porn, in general, is not illegal, but there are forms of porn that are illegal and can bring about federal charges. In terms of viewing porn online, the age limit is still 18, but this is a bit more difficult to regulate, simply because there is no bouncer at the front of the website.

With this sort of power and money, it is able to reach every corner of the globe. Sometimes it , as it seems to pop up in random Internet searches and other website advertisements, but ultimately, when it comes down to the question “is watching porn illegal? Plus, with how easy it is for the federal government to track down IP addresses and other Internet connections, it can be rather difficult to prove innocence if illegal porn has been downloaded. Sometimes a website might ask you to confirm your age, but this takes a single click and you are in.

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