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She was able to use Community Action Wayne Medina winter heating program (HEAP) this winter for one fill of propane and she was able to use Orrville Salvation Army for her Orrville Municipal Utility one time. It is very hard for families to prepare for winter heating bills when they don’t have a job; living from paycheck to paycheck.

As we all know it has been another bitter cold winter in Ohio and her rental property is not as heat efficient as it could be. The propane company said that a minimum fill would be 150 gallons and the price per gallon varies from day to day. Carol is like many of the families we see each and every day we are open.

This program is a non-profit supported through donations from churches, civic organizations, private individuals, and United Way.

As we continue in our efforts, we believe that in some small way we will continue to improve the quality of life to those in need.

Our golf course is open all year (as long as the weather permits).