Qartuli sex - Ps3 crashes when updating youtube

It either saves, plays as normal for a few moments (about 1-2 minutes), then says "An error has occurred. " at which point I click "Yes" then "Cancel" when it asks me to save.

Then it will not successfully exit the game, and I have to restart the PS3. When I did that, it saved, then hard-froze the PS3 where I had to press the power button.

Just want to make sure before I waste my time, but if it works for you I'll definitely give that a try.

I also encountered "Minecraft PS3 Edition Has Failed to Load and Cannot Continue" twice today, and (though I'm not 100% sure this was a bug and not just me messing up), it appears that Bone Meal doesn't work on Dark Oak Trees in any Snow biome To have at least some positive news (because I really am enjoying the update overall), I got this video of my first flying machine.

- Additionally, any photo data that has not been copied to the "Library" and transferred may be lost.