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The Dual Shock 3’s previous six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope combination makes a return with added functionality connected to the Eye’s ability to detect changes in how the controller is held.

The video recording systems native to the PS4’s Eye gives players the possibility of recording personalized taunts (for killcams and PVP matchups) or even walkthroughs of their gameplay.

As previously mentioned, the Eye could potentially listen to voice commands and recognize faces as an unlock feature to the console.

The game will support the Play Station 3 camera, the Play Station Eye.

While one wasn’t hooked up at today’s event, it was explained that the device will track a player’s head movements.

I said "It would be really cool to meet you in person" and she said "yes : D".

But, the country difference makes it awkward for this, i'm in england and she's in Holland.

The goal is for the depth-of-field focal point far down the track to shift, matching your head movement.


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