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I am Puerto Rican, 20 year old senorita, and I have been in a beautiful, committed relationship with a Dominican guy for over two years.

I do not like people with prejudices and try to impress others with things.

Describing him as a 'happy and very active person', the family decided against a coffin for the funeral service in favor of a chair, sitting Diaz Beato with his legs crossed, dressed in his favorite clothes and with a cigarette between his fingers.

However, as a 17 year-old person, you owe respect to those who are charged with your care, and whom are concerned for your wellbeing.

At your age, it might be thrilling to be in a relationship which your father disapproves.

Im a Chinese-American female from San Francisco but moved to New York with my divorced Father when I was 15-years old. I don't want to break up just because of a few people who don't "like" us being together.