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Shock is what xo Jane does best — it is, after all, the publication whose former beauty editor, Cat Marnell, wrote an essay about using Plan B as her preferred form of contraception, and posted regularly about her spiraling drug addiction until the site fired her for refusing rehab. It’s been tweeted and Facebooked thousands of times and is now the most commented-on “It Happened to Me” story ever.

It may yet end up as the most discussed piece in xo Jane history; the editors are savvy — they’ve since given the story prime positioning as the main feature on the site’s home page.

Also, the price of this sale sets a new world record.

Previously the most expensive piece of art ever sold was Picasso's, "Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust" for $106.5 million two years ago.

It also serves as a smoking gun that something was up in the piece’s narrative — that maybe it shouldn’t be taken entirely at face value.